Company profile

     Beijing Saili Transmission Co., Ltd is a professional and growing international company, the main products are spiral screw jacks and its matched  worm wheel, gear reduction motor, spiral bevel gear redirector, couplings and other fittings. 

     Our company is located in the national capital: Beijing, and owned dozens of sales outlets throughout the country, our company focus on providing timely and thoughtful service to our customer. 

     Company was founded in October 2001, the founder, Mr. Liu Ming, engaged in reducer industry sales in 1992, and started his own factory with his father in 1998. Our company has been manufacturing ordinary worm gear reducer, processing with high precision worm gear reducer and matched precision hard tooth face gear box and accessories still now. 

     Through 20 years unremitting efforts, the single product has improved not only from coarse to fine, but also from small size to large size, we constantly update our equipments and process equipment to meet customer and market requirements. 
      Beijing Saili Transmission Co., Ltd obtained the brand “saili” which was Authorized by State Trademark Bureau in March 2006. 
      On September 18, 2006, the company gained the international quality system certification: ISO9001:2000 certification.
      On June 22, 2010, we got enterprises import and export right from Chinese state ccpit.

Spiral screw jacks
SJ series trapezoid spiral screw jacks
SJB series ball screw jacks
JWM series trapezoid spiral screw jacks
JWB series ball screw jacks
MA series trapezoid spiral screw jacks
Drive motor
Y2 series three-phase asynchronous motor
Y2EJ series electromagnetic brake three-phase asynchronous motor
Y2B series explosion-proof three-phase asynchronous motor
Stepper motor
Actuating motor
DC motor
Worm gearmotor RV series
Helical- bevel gearmotor K series
Single stage gearemotor RX series
Helical gearmotor R series
Helical-worm gearmotor S series
Parallel shaft helical gearmotor F series
Small gearmotor TC series
Speed control parts
Variable-frequency Drive
6-400W economical speed regulation
JWB series stepless speed variator
Limit control
FCG roller plunger limit switch
FCP approach limit switch
Gear units
HD series spiral bevel gear units
ARA series small spiral bevel gear units